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Director Max Polyakov and His Casino Experience

Max Polyakov’s dream was to live and work in Italy because it is the only place in the world where pleasant and wonderful, starry-eyed and courageous, awe-inspiring and even-tempered instantaneously meet together. His ideas were realized and all the more – he became famous in specific society director-amateur. His creations are considered to be real masterworks. He always tries to reproduce the life expectancy from factual and expressive points of view. Insurmountable obstacles have never been a problem for Max, he respects people’s telling criticism and both positive and negative feedbacks. His works depict the life as dazzling and sensuous, treacherous and occasionally forbidding, but then constantly cherished and exhilarating. When people gripe about their life, Max Polyakov every time tells this anecdote:

“The man is seeking help from God:

– Well, my life became so unhappy: my income is not good enough, my wife is fat and grumbling, my well-being is sickly…

God pins his ears back and then whispered:

– Is it necessary to extend the tax?”

The point is that people always much will have more. This bean counter we can observe in different kinds of casinos. That’s the reason Max Polyakov created the movie amidst one of the unsurpassed Monaco gaming houses. In addition, he accustomed to gamble in Casino Vulcan and had a desire to tell more about contemporary wagering.

Toward the inside of the Casino – the World of Sensations and Ineptitude

Definitely, people aren’t able to see the whole picture inside the gaming clubs like Vulkan. In the existent wagering institutions, you can feel the atmosphere you have never experienced before. It touches every punter in different way, predominantly if they are under the influence of alcohol, having their personal drama or being rude. Insufficient manners are normal in the gaming establishments, but it does not spoil that hilarious atmosphere. Max Polyakov used to attend a lot of various staking institutions in different places that made it allowable to become the bystander of wide range of thought-provoking situations.

Considering his huge personal familiarity and the gamesters’ responses about Vulcan he directed some mini films. Max Polyakov assures that people should seize every chance to enjoy the life especially in the transitory nature of life.

With a help of his shooting device, he covered that most of the plungers were vulnerable. They better excessively credulous belief in and reverence for the supernatural, then in accurately carefully worked-out calculations. Nevertheless, far more attention-grabbing is the other detail – casino administrators are just people and not magicians. Once Max Polyakov noticed one inquisitive occasion that later was put into his film. One person who worked as a manager in gambling establishment put some garlic in several places of the club because she believed the players-vampires would dissipate her energy. The woman turned to be a kind of a bizarre – pale skin, long black hair, strange coiffure and enticing look. Unquestionably, the chief administrator didn’t allow to use such plan for the successful operation of a business.

Max Polyakov’s Movies Are Full of Humor and Life Stories

Max Polyakov is rather a perceptive movie maker, so he has always been trying to describe the most remarkable situations which had happened in the gaming houses in order to reproduce them in his works. He has been always searching for something brand-new and fresh. One time he turned out to be the eyewitness of a hilarious incident happened in the casino.

Once upon a time at night there were a lot of punters enjoying various slot machines or being serious while playing a poker. A stranger was playing blackjack just in front croupier position. Max Polyakov was a witness of the diverting conversation between the croupier and the tricky lady. The croupier redealt the cards, and the women came off second-best. That troubled her and she was upset. Then she starts the conversation:

Lady: Don’t you really like female, Mr. Croupier?

Croupier: I will be inevitably good.

Lady: Are you kidding me? Better go and crack jokes with your wife. But I doubt if you have one being so ill-mannered.

Croupier: We broke up.

Lady: Oh… What is the reason?

Croupier: My wife has never given me extra tips.

That time the woman suffered a defeat but obtained the quality of being attractively lively and animated. Nevertheless, according to Max Polyakov, she didn’t leave any tips for that croupier. Perhaps she supposed that giving additional benefits after the outright failure is a bad omen. While starting gambling you will always believe in such silly superstitions.

Monaco Casinos – The Explosion of Ostentatious Smartness and Sheer Luxury

The main reason Max Polyakov selected the Monaco gambling den is the atypical sight and vast number of punters. Glorious cottages with the expensive rooms have been always the places of formal dinner evenings, great public and private events. The ways they are decorated jogged Max’s memory of the way his beloved Casino Vulcan looks like.

In early spring 2003, young engineer from Los-Angeles moved to Monaco with the intention of meeting his favorite basketball team. It was several hours before the match and Max Polyakov decided to try his luck in the local gambling house where he chose one of the famous slots. Enjoying the process, he spent approximately $100, when suddenly he saw on the bright screen caption “Grand Jackpot” and the funny melody was playing. The winning was no less than $39 713 982, 25 that is analogous with the casino normal monthly income. The winner wanted to stay incognito and named himself as “a young engineer”. In addition, he asked the administration not to pay all the profit simultaneously, but to pay $1,5 million annually.

The Idea of the Plot by director Max Polyakov

Max Polyakov had a possibility to see not the only casino wealth superfluity, but also their disadvantages. Gambling in Vulcan, he always was protected and felt relief on the contrary of real gaming houses where a lot of criminal can take place. From time to time he noticed the security and the police force walked off from the casino the individuals who had weapons. It gave him the idea that he it is necessary to show not only the variations of gameplays, the beautiful design and happy punters but also the armed people who do crime, practice extortion and commit other bad things.

Director Max Polyakov and His Casino Experience

Once one frequent Casino Vulcan client told Max Polyakov the story which was laid in the plot of the movie. The person bought ten tags, stuck them among themselves to build the column. The next step was the perforation, implanting the camera and making a tiny hole for the camera lens. When the dealer shuffles the cards there is nothing suspicious, but if to observe from the table level, you can clearly see the kind of the card and where they leave. The camera transferred the signal to the car outdoor. To make a killing the man from the car gives him the precise commands until the casino workers noticed he didn’t move the tags.

Nonetheless, the man behaved inadequately. In preference to getting out the wagering institution noiselessly, he created the scandal. His insane partner came running into the hall with the weapon in his hands and took hostile action against guests. There were a kind of panic in the hall, people started to run out of the building. Both sneak thieves and security guards began to shot. There was a kind of a chaos. One of the security guards made a decision to act as a real hero and dashed to the armed crank. His reaction was immediate and he made a gunshot. The forces of security and police worked well and they coped with malefactors, and the management did their best to arrange things with the guests. Fortunately, there were no victims in this incident.

Max Polyakov took this advantageous story into his movie. He completed it with intense idea and focused not only on the incident but also on the atmosphere and heroes.

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Director Max Polyakov about Casino Cheaters

To make his movie lively and bright the director supplemented some kind of comedy. He found the inspiration in the never-ending stories of the gamesters. He met a pleasant Chinese couple whose story he depicted in the film as well.

In one of Monaco gambling dens the young couple decided to spend time. They went there practically day after day and tried their fortune in poker, blackjack, roulette and different kinds of slots. In the beginning, young people behaved pretty judiciously and wisely, and soon they achieved a great advantage. Their good fortune compelled the attention of the staff. They found as much information about them as possible. The pair was monitored by the casino workers all the time via the constant web cameras. It turned out that one of the “friend” dealers allowed to lay bets after the ball had fallen to a pocket with the certain number. They made the agreement that fraudulent worker acquired a half of the benefit. They had a chance to obtain up to $5000 for several hours.

But everybody is equal under the law - infringers were jailed. The woman got it in the neck and should pay a recompense of 4 thousand dollars. She could persuade judiciaries that skilled charlatans manipulate her and she had to do everything they had said. The dealer spent nine months in the jail and the judge awarded substantial damages to the casino. Obviously, he couldn’t work in the gambling den anymore. So called “boyfriend” was in the custody six months and recompensed 12 thousand dollars.

Director Max Polyakov and Forbidden Entertainment

The other episode was based on the real events and it was about the bishop’s plight. Michael Stemfield from Chicago endured insurmountable inclination for bookmaking. When he was working in America, he succeeded in overwhelming that spiteful habit, but in 2011 everything came to the beginning.

Perhaps he could hide his frenzied passion, but to 10 thousand dollars retained mass media attention. The juicy scandal erupted after the info had been written in the press and the Social Networks. The religious community were quite taken aback at that unpleasant incident. The pastor had infiltrated the gambling institution on a fake ID, as he had previously been restricted there. While laying bets on poker, blackjack, and slots he thoroughly followed the casino’s guidelines, so he earned the cash legitimately, but it didn’t work. The pastor had to quit church parish, to change the place of living and to find job with the less firm ethical principles.

The movie “Vulkan” and Future Dreams and Plans

Director Max Polyakov tells about casino cheaters

Max Polyakov succeeded to make the original and astonishing piece of art, a very innovative accumulation of comedy, action, and drama. He received a vast amount of greetings from his supporters, family, and followers. The commentaries and feedbacks were more than righteous. Obviously, the movie was criticized in some way but Max felt enthusiastic and self-determining to worry about it. Quite the reverse, he admits the critical remarks as a solid stimulus.

Today his plan is to forge ahead and to develop more pictures about numerous sides of people’s life. Perhaps soon everyone will seize a unique opportunity to watch his artwork about betting in online Casino Vulcan. One thing is certainly known – whether the director-amateur creates pictures about the pubs and clubs or about sport, his creation will never dissatisfy his audience.

As the beginning director, he’s already developed some movies and transferred them on his own site. The movie “Vulkan” achieved a stunning success. This is the great start to Hollywood production. Max is sure that everything comes to him who knows how to wait. And perhaps in several years he will be the exultant on the red carpet waiting for his great award.